Family Life at Humpty Doo

On Saturday, 19 December 1998, I spent my first night at my House at Humpty Doo. It was great: so peaceful, no car noises, no loud youths! Only my bed (airbed on floor!) was a little less than comfortable. We had a big late evening storm, but the only thing I could hear of it, was the water dripping off the roof and onto the veranda. There is enough insulation in the roof, so that I can't hear the noise of the rain dropping onto the corrugated iron roof.

Speaking of the roof, there is something else there. I seem to have gained an instant family! There is a female possum with its "baby" in the roof space. But they have been fed by the previous tenants. In the evening, they come down the wall in the kitchen, looking for food. On the pictures below, you can see them on my fridge, enjoying a bit of bread.